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Your best horse helps the equine athlete with science-backed and result-driven techniques to achieve optimal health and excel in their careers.

We help both rider and horse perform their best, attain higher scores, and have more reliable show horses.

Maximizing Horse & Rider's Athletic Potential

At Your Best Horse, we believe in the importance of balance and maximizing athletic potential.


Kathryn (Kayde) Barker is a State Board Certified LMT, ESMT, CERT3 and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of equine therapy services. Our focus is on allowing for optimal performance and growth. Our specialized techniques have helped many horses and riders reach their full potential.

We provide services in the following areas:

California from Sacramento to San Diego.

Montana: Helena and surrounding areas.

Texas: Dallas Fort Worth. 

NeuroFascial Conditioning, Fasical Stim

Your Best Horse features services for horse & rider. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discover how we can help you reach optimal performance.

Featured Services

Sports Massage

Restore range of motion and relieve tension, enhancing your horse's athletic performance. Providing the best possible care for your animal, ensuring that they can reach their full potential.

PEMF Therapy

Magnawave PEMF

Utilizing the latest PEMF technology to provide a non-invasive treatment that helps to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. Whether your horse is recovering from an injury or simply in need of some extra support, our PEMF therapy can help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation, leading to improved overall health.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping serves to help prevent injury and reduce pain in your horse. Kathryn, a certified therapist, is trained to apply athletic taping techniques to horses, providing support to muscles and joints. 

Neuro Facial Conditioning

Experience the benefits of our Neuro Fascial Conditioning. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques to work with the fascial system and structural tissue, creating a holistic approach to equine therapy. 

Equine Sports Massage


Equine Bodywork

As a hoof care practitioner, I understand the importance of equine bodywork when it comes to balance. Not only balance of the body, but the balance of the hoof. Kayde has worked on both my horses and my clients' horses, and I see changes immediately. After her work I can then balance my trim to a more balanced body.

-Allyssa S.

Equine horse and rider therapies

Kayde's knowledge and mastery of the equine body is impressive and yields noticeable results. We had her work on our polo string and were blown away with the detailed findings and shifts in each horse. Kayde truly provides an essential service for both maintaining soundness and addressing problems in the body."

-Aston B.

Polo String Equine Therapies

Kayde's work is significant and she will always be first on our call list whenever there's a problem! Our dressage horse was unable to move properly under saddle and had time off after a vet visit couldn't get to the bottom of the issue. After one session with Kayde, he was back to normal and moving with comfort and ease! So grateful for her work!

-Tara B.

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